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                HuBei XianLong Chemical Industry Co.,LTD
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                Tel: +86-183 0728 1616
                Tel: +86-183 0728 1699
                Email: xlchem@xlchem.com


                  About us

                     HuBei XianLong Chemical Industry Co.,LTD.was established in 1958 and located in beautiful Xiantao city, qhich is in the middle hinterland of Hubei province, China, close to Wuhan city. XianlongChem is continuously engaged in the development of high efficiency and low toxicity agrochemical products.

                        XianlongChem is committed to improve the production process to enhance the environment and has got ISO9001 certification, awarded as Hihg-tech Enterprises by Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Agency, and our Technology R&D Center was approved as Provincial-level Enterprise Technical centers and Hubei Provincial Pesticide Engineering Research Center.

                       XianlongChem is among the leading suppliers offering high quality, wide range products from the series of Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides. We strive for continuous improvemrn and success with our customers.

                Sticking to such working spirit of “Make it, does it well” and management idea of “be saving, practical, harmonious and fluent”, Xianlong is working hard to “producing quality pesticides and establishing a famous brand with a century history”!

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